A Popular Trend in Wedding Reception Catering: Buffet Stations

wedding reception cateringBuffet stations are quickly becoming a very popular trend when it comes to wedding reception catering. If you’re not familiar with this catering option, it involves various food items being featured at individual food stations. For example, there could be a pasta station or salad station available at the reception. These stations can be manned by chefs, or they can just be presented buffet-style, allowing guests to serve themselves. If you haven’t explored this catering option yet, then allow us to point out a few reasons why people choose to have buffet stations at their wedding receptions.

This type of catering can greatly contribute to the atmosphere of the reception. Buffet stations typically create a more informal or laidback vibe and allow guests to keep moving and socializing.

Additionally, when implemented with a cocktail reception, buffet stations can eliminate the need for full, plated meals being served by wait staff. If you simply have hors d’oeuvres and buffet stations, you could not only save money on the cost of food, but other party rentals as well. If you aren’t serving a sit-down meal, you could easily reduce the number of tables and chairs in your reception hall.

Plus, think back on weddings you’ve attended in the past that featured a sit-down, multiple-course dinner, and recall how much time was spent sitting at the tables. If your wedding reception catering is limited to hors d’oeuvres and buffet stations, imagine how much more time you and your guests will have to socialize, dance, and enjoy the reception.

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